Alumix offers aluminum deck flooring that is super easy to install and to maintain. You can create your tailor-made balcony or construction thanks to our various choice of colours and finish cuts. Customize the frame or the floor (open or closed) for an infrastructure that meets your needs.

All our flooring respects criteria of excellence to ensure that your installation has a long lifetime. Start your project now by contacting one of our advisers that will happily answer all your questions and help you for your project.


Browse our selection of aluminum closed flooring. We offer top quality products, durable and easy to maintain that will meet your needs and expectations.


Open flooring is available in various finish cuts. Easy to install, they adapt to the existing environment. Choose quality and durability for your aluminium flooring : call upon the Alumix expertise.

Flooring Models 

P6F Beige

P6F Gray

P6O Beige

P60 Gray

P60 Wood

Molding Models

M1 Beige – Finishing Molding

M1 Gray – Finishing Molding

M2 Beige – Finishing Molding

M2 Gray –  Finishing Molding

M2 Brown – Finishing Molding

Corner Models

M1 Beige – Polycarbonate corner

M1 Gray – Polycarbonate corner

M2 Beige – Polycarbonate corner

M2 Gray – Polycarbonate corner

M2 Brown – Polycarbonate corner



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