Alumix Aluminum offers high-quality aluminum and wood structures for balconies, staircases, patios, and decking.  Our aluminum frames ensure a solid and quality flooring. We offer several choices of colors in order to make your installation match the existing architecture.

We have vast experience in designing, manufacturing and installing aluminum structures for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. If you’re in need of a new fence or privacy wall, contact Alumix Aluminium for a free quote today.

Benefits of Aluminum Flooring Structures

Aluminum is very lightweight, versatile and low-maintenance which makes it the perfect material for structures, railing, fencing and more. Aluminum behaves well in any weather. Most importantly, it hardly gets heated from the sun during the summer. It is very easy to match aluminum with the rest of your space or the building and create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Aluminum is ideal for extreme winters. This metal can support up to 50 pounds of snow per square inch. Besides, it will never rust, which makes it better than any other metal in terms of investment durability.

Aluminum Floor Structures

Aluminum Structure (Top View)

Aluminum Structure (Bottom View)

Wood Structure (View from above)

Wood Structure (Bottom View)





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